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Hello everyone.

I find myself in the incredibly fortunate position where I've had such an amazing website built for me by the talented Melissa Hawkes. Now I just have to live up the expectation and make sure that I take full advantage of it!

I plan to do that via two methods. The first of which shall be by regularly updating this here blog. It won't always have the most fascinating of insights into the world of writing, but as and when I have things I want to discuss I shall publish them here. Maybe it shall be a review of the latest book I've read, a thought on movies, a retelling of the antics my DnD party got up to. Who knows?

Secondly, I shall endeavour to send out one newsletter per month. For which the sign-up forms can be found across this website. The newsletters shall include the more substantial updates about my work, including any special offers for my books, or sneak peaks I might have for you ahead of launch.

However, if neither of those things are for you then please do come and chat to me over on Twitter. I promise I don't bite and I will actively engage with any readers or fellow authors who seek me out. You can find links to social media pages above.

So until next time, keep reading.


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