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Review: The Antonides Legacy, Book 1

Title: The Antonides Legacy, Book 1

Author: Charlotte Murphy

Published: 2020

The Antonides Legacy, Book 1 is a Young Adult Fantasy debut by indie author Charlotte Murphy.

I read an awful lot of fantasy novels and I‘m pleased to report that ”Legacy” was certainly a very enjoyable addition to the collection.

The world-building is done masterfully and I really felt that by the time I was near 1/4 of the way into the story that I really understood the various dynamics, factions, and history. It is that world-building that also lends itself to perfectly setting up the antagonists of the story. I found Baron Dreston and Briseis to be thoroughly enjoyable characters, despite being opposed to our protagonists. That in part is certainly accomplished thanks to the strong world-building, and colourful characteristics.

I also enjoyed the protagonists of the story, although perhaps not as much as the antagonists. Trista is a likeable main character, and Dana is an endearing accomplice. Although I will freely admit that I will be returning to Book 2 more eager to see what becomes of the antagonists.

The story itself is nothing revolutionary, but that doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of merit. I found myself quickly engaged in the plot and wanting to learn more. As a massive fan of fantasy stories I don’t need a story to break new ground for me to enjoy it, so long as the world and characters are worth the investment. And, that is certainly the case here.

That isn’t to say that everything is perfect though. There are formatting, spelling and grammatical errors that hold it back from getting a higher score. But for a debut novel I think the quality of writing is good. I could have also done without the Introduction chapter. I’m not a fan of introductions as it is, and I felt in particular that this one was unnecessary.

It is very clear to me that author Charlotte Murphy has an incredible eye for fantasy and the skills to back it up on paper. I’m excited to see what she writes next and I’m eager to finish off Books 2 and 3 of the Antonides Legacy.

Overall, I am very happy to recommend The Antonides Legacy, Book 1, to any fans of fantasy. It’s rough around the edges bug a very promising debut.

Rating: 8/10

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