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Book Review: Wynter of Wolves

Title: Wynter of Wolves

Author: B. D. West

Published: 2020

Wynter of Wolves is a fantasy story that's full of heart.

Well, it's time to review another fantasy debut. I seem to be getting into a niche here, and to be quite honest it's a niche I really enjoy. As a fantasy author myself, I love to read other people's work, especially those who like myself are new to the game.

I'm pleased to report that Wynter of Wolves by B. D. West is another strong entry into the fantasy genre. Where some stories rely on worldbuilding to prop up the story, I feel that in this case, Wynter of Wolves relies on a strong cast of likable and well-developed characters. West takes her time to develop relationships and motivation, particularly as it pertains to our protagonist Wynter.

The story of family and a sense of belonging makes the characters all the more relatable to the reader, whilst also giving you an emotional hook to want to keep reading.

The style of story harkens back to the golden age of werewolf stories, with aspects of the story and themes mixing it with the likes of Teen Wolf, and yes even Twilight. And, to be perfectly honest I don't think that's a bad thing. The story is unique enough that it stands apart from the crowd as its own thing, whilst paying respectful homage to the sub-genre that it clearly identifies with.

That isn't to say that the book is perfect. The formatting was a big issue for me, and I struggled to get into the book because of it. However, the actual production value of the cover and the book itself is of high value. It was just the text on the pages that brought it down a peg or two.

I also wasn't overly fond of the antagonistic side of the story, but it was serviceable and a minor enough issue that I wouldn't consider docking the final rating too much because of it.

All being told I can see there being a real dedicated audience out there for this book, and if what I have covered so far sounds like your cup of tea then I have no doubt that you will have a great time reading this novel.

Final Rating: 8/10

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