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the rive


Child of destiny

A young orphan on the run from the King. A warlock with the power to protect her. And, the fighter holding them together.


betrayal of destiny

A young woman on the verge of greatness. A soldier who has lost all that he holds dear. And, the lingering shadow that watches over them both.

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Welcome to the rive

The dominant continent of the world. The Rive is a lush place of rolling countryside and piercing mountain ranges that reach through the clouds. Rivers provide a great source of life to the, particularly to the capital city of Astreya that was built upon the banks of the Anya.

Now, ruled by the war-hungry King Heobald, the continent has been stretched beyond the breaking point with resources becoming scarce and enemies revealing themselves throughout the world.

Kingdom of Midden

The westernmost reaches of King Heobald's territory. The Kingdom of Midden, under the rule of its warrior queen, has put up a stout fight against the forces of the Rive. But, after the king's forces crushed Midden's navy the fight for freedom turned into a bitter struggle for survival.


The northern continent of the world is a desolate wasteland of unforgiving snow-fields and trecherous mountains. The native folk, simply named Tyberians, are strong and rabid by high-society standards. It is here that King Heobald focusses most of his attention, frequently shipping fresh troops and supplies across the ocean toward the continent he desires to bring under heel.


A smaller island off the coast of the Rive that is home to a few small coastal towns and large swathes of dense forest that make much of the inner-island uninhabitable. Traders often frequent the town in search of rare flora that can be found within the forest, a trade that has kept the island in the good graces of King Heobald who brought the island people into his kingdom during the early days of his reign.

Shimmering Islands

Wide grasslands, fierce tribesmen, gemstone mines, and a single city upon the north-west coast make up the Shimmering Isles.The people of the Isles have been under the rule of the royal family of the Rive for longer than any other people. Without the means to mass-produce sturdy armour and other means of making war, they were quickly brought to heel, despite numerous attempts to resist.

The islanders are fiercely loyal, skilled in combat, and often talk within their own circles about one day breaking free from the grip of King Heobald and his family.


The ancestral home continent of the humans of the Rive. Stripped of its natural resources many hundreds of years prior, it was little more than a wasteland when the humans departed the continent and set their sights on the Rive, the homeland of the Hemeti.

To this day, people do not travel back to the continent. Whether through superstition, fear or through a lack of reward, the continent has been left to exist in isolation.

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