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Five years have passed since Lyvanne joined the Spring. Her people have swelled in number, but so have the threats they face. Growing into her role as a fighter, Lyvanne must risk a daring trip to the capital to save the man she looks to as a brother from the fatal grasp of the king.

Gromwell, a soldier in the king's army, has been called back to the Rive. At the behest of his king, he must put aside the trauma of losing his loved one, set out on a mission to discover the location of the insurgent group, and find a way to put a stop to them for good. Or, risk bringing ridicule and ruin down upon his family.

Journeys will collide as opposing forces in the war for the Rive make their most critical moves yet.

Amazon reviewer

"Loved the first book and was hoping for more of the same, not disappointed! Building on and refining the best bits from the first book and expanding in all directions, geographically and emotionally. A wonderful place to spend time and can't wait for book 3!"

Amazon reviewer

"I read the first book and was totally gripped. I couldn't wait for the second to be launched. I purchased this yesterday and have just finished. I couldn't put this book down. Definitely recommend reading this series."

Amazon reviewer

"The second book does not disappoint in anyway. It was a page turner just like the first, I can't wait for the 3rd book. I'm hooked on this storyline!"

Amazon reviewer

"This book is a brilliant follow up to the first book in the series “child of destiny” and it does not disappoint. I cannot wait to read the final book in the series."

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