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The Rive, a realm ruled by the iron grip of a war-hungry King, is on the brink of rebellion and Lyvanne, a young girl who has witnessed a vision of his downfall, is the key to victory, whether she wants to be involved or not.

Forced to leave her loved ones behind, her life becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. With the King willing to stop at nothing if it means finding the one who threatens his reign. But when a defiant insurgent group known as The Spring takes her into their protection, Lyvanne is offered something she never could have dreamed of before. The chance to fight back, the chance to make a difference.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and political upheaval as a common street rat takes the first steps of her great journey along the paths of love, magic, and war.

Amazon reviewer

"I'm looking forward to the movie. What an amazing story! How can I put into words just how much I loved it? I'm telling you, this needs to be picked up and turned into a movie or television series. Only thing I hated...the end. I want it all, right now. Get busy! I can't wait forever! loved the book!"

Amazon reviewer

"This was a brilliant read and I cannot wait for more in the series. I can easily see this being adapted for the screen. M.K. Adams has built a very intriguing world and its hard to put down once you start reading it. Highly recommend it."

Amazon reviewer

"Excellent first novel, characters are well written and the landscape well described. I enjoyed spending time in The Rive and look forward to the next instalment."

Amazon reviewer

"I had a good time when reading the book. The story does take a while to get started and there are some typos here and there but for a first book I think it's pretty good! Looking forward to the sequel !"

the rive

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